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Latest And New Diwali images wishes messages free for 2017

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Latest And New Diwali images wishes messages free for 2017

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Happy Diwali Image Free Download 2017

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I hope that the flaming sparks of the lamps
                   of Diwali which burns like a shooting star,
                  guide your way through your dreams.
As the festival of lights end,
                   I am wishing you continuous success and
                   luck through the next year of your life.

“Happy Diwali Images 2017” Happy Diwali Image 2017


May your home be filled with good
                    vibes and intensively positive aura as
                   we celebrate the Diwali festival.
May this joyous festival bring your family
                   a lot of blessings in any form—
                  money, food or whatsoever.
                Your family deserves such rewards
               for being a good one all throughout the year.
“Problems are like caves.
                   But don’t forget that we are guided by the lights
                  of Diwali until we reach the end of the tunnel.
                  I hope this Diwali festival will get you
                 out of trouble and make you stronger.”
May the sparkles of crackers spread
                   glitters of happiness around you And the light
                  of Diwali lamps spread rays that
                  continue to bless you! Happy Diwali! …
May the holy chants of Diwali worship
                    echo forever in your home As Goddess Laxmi and Lord
                   Ganesh bless you with health, wealth and fame! …


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